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The Problem: You share a truck load of stuff on the Internet by using a bunch of different social media sites, email, IM, SMS, messenger pigeon, whatever – we get it. The problem is, there is no way to standardize the experience of your audience and to consistently remind folks that you shared the article they found so useful. Worst of all, people procrastinate or simply ignore the links you share.

The Solution: The Curate Feature is the ultimate way to break through the clutter of digital information sharing and motivate people to engage with your shared content more often and faster, way faster.

Shorten and reward links to anything on the web. Similar to most URL shorteners, Curate allows you to shrink links down to a manageable size for sharing on social media channels. But that’s where the similarity ends. When people click on your links, they will be rapidly taken to the link’s target webpage that will be displayed in an unobtrusive web frame branded with your impressive credentials.


Curate Links with Automatic Rewards or One of Your Own!

What will make your audience’s experience really awesome is that each curate link will automatically offer a discount coupon from our extensive merchant network, or if you wish, insert your own coupon or giveaway and promote your business while curating 3rd party content.

Create your curated content

Share short url with your audience, in a Tweet, for example

The target page is branded with your profile, and loaded with rewards



The Problem: Promoting your business using digital marketing offers many options including promotional emails, social media channels, and real world response QR Codes. However all of your eMarketing efforts boil down to the effectiveness of your call-to-action, and in most cases this is a link to your website. We think email marketing is great, but settling for a 3% click though rate from a 30% open rate definitely needs improvement.

No matter how compelling you make your eMarketing content, it is difficult to break through the response clutter of people’s inboxes. Moreover, competing with busy schedules is a real problem that creates a short response window after you send an ePromotion. The chance of someone clicking through on one of your marketing emails the day after it was received drops drastically. Your audience needs to be motivated to click on links now, not later.

The Solution: The Publish Feature is a free tool that will transform your website into a response marketing and loyalty machine. Simply by shortening a URL to any webpage on your website, you can create inviting call-to-action links that you can put anywhere. The key is the ability for you to add instant rewards to links so people will earn when they click.

The Future of Inbound Marketing:

Rewards are always waiting at the other end of a hyperlink.

Close more sales by converting leads
into visitors to your website

Create your reward link

Use your link as a powerful call-to-action, in an email, for example

Your audience will earn rewards right on your own website for clicking on your links